The Extension of Kaode

On this page, vote to choose the improvements and add-ons to your favorite game.
Every month, come and read about what Kaode will be made tomorrow and help the team to do its work.

Possible evolutions of Kaode will be presented here as soon as the game will be released.

Add-ons chosen by the community of players, divided in three categories:

  • Graphical improvements or addition of more animations.
  • Content, such as new Kaodes, places, territories, objects or weapons.
  • Implantation of new mechanisms, such as specialisations, weapon improvement or new multiplayer battle modes.

The principle is simple: we will make you three specific propositions during a certain amount of  time.
Each of these propositions will be followed by a description, artworks and some kind of transparent “quotation” on how much time and people this task will take.
In order to choose, you’ll only have to vote with some coins.
The proposition selected by the community at the end of the vote will be developed and integrated to Kaode.

This way, we will be able to continue working on the game according to your preferences and modalities, by introducing a real player-author dialog, and it will support our team.

See you soon for a first extension!

The Kaode Team