Addition of major content: the Chat

Virtual Reality?

This weekend, part of the team gathered in Paris in order to officialize some details and ensure some necessary meetings.

Happily, after around 22 hours and 17 minutes of developing (only) in two days, the Kaode Chat was finally integrated!
Fabien and Raphaël had indeed been able to exchange a few words and validate their work after a few tests.

Beside us being super content for setting an essential piece to the Kaode puzzle, what does this really imply?
Two things:

  • The Chat and the connexion between players are the first step towards database management on the servers. And moreover, towards Kaode’s multiplayer aspect. Thanks to the Chat, travelers will indeed be able to face each others in dedicated places.
        Also, Kaode being a community game, it’s very important for players to be able to communicate with each other in order to help one another and discuss their own progress.
    And watch your tongue, very creative filters have been set in order to spot any kind of insults!

  • Metaphysically speaking, the Known world has become a full virtual space since it is now possible to see whether someone has left or joined it. Therefore, Kaode isn’t only an individual program set on our computers, it is a virtual world that exists outside our minds.

    And we’re so happy!

    See you soon for another recap on Kaode’s “major contents”!