Média: Kaode’s Chronicles

Audio and video adventure?

What are the “Kaode’s Chronicles”?

In order to reveal to your eyes the keys to the Kaode universe and gameplay, we’ve recently decided to offer you series of original radio and video episodes.

Each month until the release of Kaode, the project’s members will let you know about certain aspects of our work and of the game itself.

First, the Kaode’s Chronicles will cover all frequent questions about the project and our structures, our intentions and references.
Then we’ll talk about Kaode’s gameplay, with nice inserts of videos about the fundamental aspect of a traveler’s life in the Known World.
And least but not last, a chapter will explain the subtleties of the battle system and its lexicon, followed by the Kaodes and the team making.
This last part will have a highly strategic content!

As of January, discover the Kaode chronicles full of new adventures and images of the game on our youtube channel:

Thanks to it, if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to survive a few hours in our world. Eheh.

Talk to you soon!


La Guerre des mondes (radio, 1938)